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Dan Sinclair - Iron Bonsai Dan Sinclair - Iron Bonsai

    Dan creates wrought iron sculpture from past & current materials, transforming them into fantastical & unique sculptures. There are qualities in old, found objects that he finds very appealing. The patina (rust), texture, wear, & occasionally lichen & moss growth are impossible to duplicate. He is particularly fond of incorporating late 19th to mid-20th century farm machinery elements. The exposed, bare boned mechanical ingenuity has a raw & dangerous quality that is often reflected in the sculpture with undertones of a style reminiscent of neo-gothic, futuristic & eastern architecture.
    His experiences as an arborist & bonsai artist appear in his contorted, windswept trees as though sculpted by years of relentless pressure from wind & winter storms. The simplicity often evokes sentiments of subtle human qualities.

Contact Dan at ironbonsai@live.com or by phone at 519-925-9001